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Learn Essential Off Road Skills!

July 15-18, 2021
The Black Hills of South Dakota


Co-ed and Woman Only fundamental off road training. Our one day “Adventure Essentials” class teaches fundamental skills perfect for beginning off-road riders as well as experienced street riders who are new to dirt. These skills form the foundation for safe, controlled, dirt riding on heavy adventure bikes in challenging off road terrain.

Riders will learn essential skills including how to handle the height and weight of tall ADV bikes, proper seated and standing body position, balance, clutch and throttle control, counterbalanced turning, braking on loose terrain, line choice, and riding obstacles.

Small class size means riders will receive lots of personal attention from professional coaches- two instructors teaching 12 students. Our step by step teaching method builds skills progressively meaning you’ll learn to ride slow in a straight line before you’ll learn to do slow turns. Build skills and confidence quickly with practical training which you will immediately apply. We will end the day with a short, fun scenic instructor led, beginner appropriate ADV ride.

Training Schedule

Friday July 16, 9AM-3PM “Adventure Essentials” $250

♦ Session 1: Co-Ed
♦ Session 2: All Woman

Saturday July 17 9AM-3PM “Adventure Essentials” $250

   ♦ Session 3: Co-Ed
♦ Session 4: Co-Ed

All Classes Limited to 12 Riders

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On Bike Training


It is crucial for off road and adventure riders to have skills to handle various terrain and conditions.  Safely negotiating gravel, sand, ruts, hills, water crossings, obstacles, and problems in the boonies requires specific expertise.  Our combination of on range rider training, skills integration on tracks and trails, and methods for dealing with common back country issues forms a comprehensive skill set.

You Will Learn:

  • How to handle the height and weight of ADV bikes

  • Proper seated & standing body position for balance & control

  • Finessing the clutch and throttle for low traction conditions

  • Counter balanced off road turning

  • Braking on loose terrain

  • Best line choice and how to ride obstacles

  • Differences between road and dirt riding

  • Build confidence and have fun

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Meet the Instructors

            PAT JACQUES                      SHALMARIE WILSON                     BJ HESSLER                         MANDY OLDHAM

Pat Jacques is a former pro motocross racer who broke barriers racing all over the US against men and founder of ADVWoman.   She has the unique ability of breaking complexity down into simple steps and adapting her teaching style to each rider.  Her passion is empowerment through off road motorcycling.

Shalmarie Wilson is a certified MSF on-street motorcycle instructor, Dragoo Adventure Rider Training certified for off-road, and ADVWoman Certified Coach.  Her passion is helping people to ride safely and have fun!  Founder of SheADV, Shal is a well know coach in the ADV Community.

BJ Hessler owns DC Dirt Camp, a MSF sponsored and AMA chartered Dirt Bike Training School in Northern Virginia. An ADVWoman Certified Coach, she introduces both new and seasoned riders to the dirt, and will increase your skills so that you can properly and safely enjoy dirt biking or ADV riding!

Mandy Oldham is a Colorado State Women’s Enduro Champion and ADVWoman Certified Trainer.  A lifelong athlete, Mandy loves a challenge.  Don’t let her diminutive size fool you.  Her determination and grit inspire others to release fear, develop skill and confidence riding dirt and adventure bikes.

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