Pat Jacques


My Favorite Rides:

fall-color-tour-420I met Mark (see photo bomb) in 2013 when I joined his annual “Fall Color Tour.”  Mark has been organizing this ride for years and we have become great friends!  Each year the route is different but always through immense, magnificent, gorgeous golden aspens.  Lately, this four day weekend ride has kicked off from my Granby home.  One year, we had over 40 people camping in the Aspens surrounding our home!  This is my favorite ride of the year, but is bitter sweet as it marks the end of our short Colorado riding season.

taylor-park-420West of Buena Vista and East of Gunnison lies the dirt bike paradise known as Taylor Park. This area is crisscrossed with single track, jeep, and double track trails.  Deep in Colorado’s mining district, rich in history, and spectacular scenery.  Riders will find everything from uber technical single track, easy dirt roads, and everything in between. This photo is very special to me.  It was taken at the top of Cumberland Pass during the 2016 West Fest Rally.  I’m in the middle sporting my fluorescent ADVWoman Rally shirt.  My friend Bettina is to my right.  To my left, also sporting a blindingly bright shirt, is my big brother Bruce.  Bruce and I have been riding together for almost 50 years. For sure we love each other, but dirt biking is the glue that binds us together!

moab-420Moab, Utah is my spring time escape from Colorado’s long, cold, snowy winters.  It’s impossible for me to pick one favorite trail!  Sovereign Trail, Golden Spike, Poison Spider, Kane Creek, Slick Rock, Fins and Things, Chicken Point, Onion Creek in Moab.  To the North, there’s the Whitewash area- Enduro Loop, Dead Cow Wash, The Tubes!  It’s all great riding.  I am careful and selective riding in Moab.  The trails can by harsh on my bike and my body.  I tend to take my Moab in measured doses!

cobdr-420Colorado’s San Juan Mountains provide a unique off road motorcycling experience.  Thanks to Otto Mear’s historic mining and toll roads, we are able to ride up, down, and all around some of the most dramatic and spectacular mountains in North America.  Engineer Pass, Cinnamon Pass, California Gulch, Corkscrew Pass, and Ophir Pass are part of the COBDR and Alpine Loop.  These are all “Bucket List” rides!

grand-county-420It may sound cliché, but my “back yard” is still one of my favorite places to ride!  Grand County is Dual Sport heaven!  The country covers almost 1900 square miles that are crisscrossed with county, USFS, and BLM dirt roads.  We’re also home to quite a bit of public land with well-maintained single track trails.  If you’re into paved riding, Rocky Mountain National Park will take your breath away.  There’s no place like home!  There’s no place like home!

My passion is empowering women to live in the truth of their own brilliance.

I grew up in a home environment which I lovingly describe as a combination of opportunity and oppression.  For me opportunity showed up by my family being very supportive of me and my love of motorcycles.  They recognized my skill and competitive nature and were very supportive of my racing motocross. On the other hand my father had an overbearing, oppressive, dark side which overshadowed everything.

My escape was riding my motorcycle! I couldn’t wait to get home from school, jump on my dirt bike, and head off into the freedom of the forest and the woods.  To this day I love riding my motorcycle in the backcountry!  It refreshes, rejuvenates, and invigorates me like nothing else.  This is my happy place.

I am blessed to have also found cleansing release and joy working with amazing, empowering coaches.  These coaches supported me through many challenges to heal and discover my authentic self.  They saw the truth of who I am before I ever could. Through this work I realized that I have been a lifelong coach.  Whenever I learn something my natural compulsion is to share it and teach it.

I started riding motorcycles when I was 8.  At 14, I was recruited by Yamaha Motorcycles to teach in their “Learn to Ride” program.  I studied photography at Junior College and soon taught photography classes.  After my Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Sciences, I taught various computer classes.  Athletically, I am an expert skier and taught six years in Winter Park’s National Sports Center for the Disabled.  Upon retiring from racing motocross I turned to racing downhill mountain bikes.  Coaching and Teaching Mountain biking soon followed.   I have always been a coach.

It was only natural that I invest in my education and training to become a Cynthia James Enterprises Freedom Coach.  I spent several years of Intensive training, classes, interning, and working in private practice and group modalities.  This emotional Integration and healing is key to live genuine, authentic, joy filled lives.  Through this process I have also come to see the synchronicity between motorcycling and life.

I believe the reward for moving past the fear, challenge and uncertainty of riding off road motorcycles is confidence, and the freedom to live an adventurous life. I believe healing emotional wounds and trauma releases the past so we can live an abundant, joyful life in the present.  I believe motorcycling and healing support each other by transforming challenges into opportunities.  I believe confidence is key and know women develop confidence experientially.  I believe women supporting women is powerful and natural.  I believe in me.  And I believe in you.

I invite you to join me in this adventure!  Join me to heal, transform, and thrive.  Join me on a crazy, fun, incredible adventure in life and on a motorcycle!