Private Motorcycle Coaching



Private Coaching Will Help You Improve

  • Marked increase of relevant skills.

  • Increased confidence riding off road.

  • Better skills translates to safer riding.

  • Ability to self-evaluate and continue to improve.

  • A lot less expensive than getting hurt.

The best thing about private lessons is that I get to meet students “where they are,” connect meaningfully, and we have a lot of fun.  We all have different learning styles, speeds, and require varying levels of support.  Each rider has strengths, weaknesses, and different goals.  Some riders appreciate being challenged while others prefer to learn in small measured steps. With private lessons you get 100% of my attention.  I quickly evaluate your current skill level, preferred learning style, and goals to create a customized training experience tailored to you.  I also use a communication and video system for real time feedback and coaching.  You get a copy of your video to take home so you can continue to practice and improve.  You will leave a better, more skilled, more confident rider. You’ll be a safer rider and have tons of fun!

My Approach To Coaching


I strive to create the most effective training environment for each student.  In group sessions and private coaching, connection and relationship comes naturally. My priorities are safety, fun, and learning. I believe that many riders, especially women, are better than they think they are.  Confidence is key.   Women develop confidence by learning small bits and pieces and putting them together into a concrete skill.  Men tend to build confidence by “conquering a challenge.”  There are always exceptions.  Neither is right or wrong, just different.

Students also learn differently.  Some are visual, others sensory, some want to know the “how and why” details while others just want to be told what to do.  My job as a coach is to “meet you where you are,” adjusting my teaching style and methods to suit you.

Listening is important.  I learn what you want to accomplish? What challenges you? Do you have physical limitations?  What limiting beliefs might interfere? What other activities do you like to do?  Skiing, Snowboarding, horseback riding, mountain biking, ballet, etc.  These all require skills that directly transfer to off road motorcycling.

Six years teaching adaptive skiing with the National Sports Center for the Disabled taught me that different people are differently able.  Physicality makes a huge difference.  I developed what I teach because I am a 5’4” woman with a 29” inseam.  The methods I teach work well for taller and smaller riders alike.

Being a student also makes me a better teacher!  I continue to grow my riding and teaching skills attending training sessions with ISDE Champion turned Dakar racer Jimmy Lewis, Shane Watts Dirtwise Academy, ISDE Champion Dave Neumeister, and Dakar racer Lel Pavey.  Sometimes I physically cannot do “What” they are teaching.  When I figure out “how” I can, that helps me to teach alternative methods that may benefit you.

Most of all, I love riding with my students!  Getting out on dirt roads and trails, teaching skills as they arise is my favorite way to teach.  You get to relax, have fun, and learn to ride what you ride where you ride!  I love watching fear and trepidation transform into confidence and skill.  I love connecting with new and old friends.  I look forward to connecting with you!

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