Supporting Women’s Motorcycling is core to the Husqvarna brand.  That’s why Husqvarna North America has supported ADVWoman  at the inagural ADVWoman Rally.  That’s why they continue to support us now.  Husqvarna Motorcycles rock!  I have been a fan of Husqvarna motorcycles since I was a kid attending the Husqvarna International School of Motocross by World Champion, Rolf Tibblin.  The old bikes were good.  The new bikes are amazing.  Leading edge technology, high performance engines and suspension, top notch components.  My Husqvaran 701E is a ton of fun, super capable and powerful.  Whether you’re into motocross, enduro, dual sport, super moto, or an urban attack vehicle, Husqvarna has the bike for you!  Husqvarna Motorcycles

power-world-logo-smallPower World Motorsports is my “GO TO” dealer.  Why?  Because in the 15  years I have been doing business with them they have always been honest, treated me with respect, and bent over backwards to take care of my needs.  They sell awesome Husqvarna motorcycles. (Love, love, love my Husky 701 Enduro!)  If your blood bleeds green, they can hook you up with a Kawasaki too.  Everyone on staff rides.  They speak from experience of bent spokes, flat tires, bruised bodies, and smiles of good times.  Their motto is “Funs out there. Chase it down!”   Power World Sports



Regardless of what motorcycle I ride, I use Butler Motorcycle Maps.  They’ve done their homework and I get to enjoy the BEST MOTORCYCLE ROUTES on pavement or dirt.  Their G1, G2, G3 routes of scenic byways, super fun twisties, and forgotten highways are sure to please.  The Backcountry Discovery Maps are adventure riding nirvana.  Maps are water proof and tear resistent with details of sections on the back. “Must haves” for any motorcyclist.  Just as importantly, Butler Maps supports many worthy causes.  A quality product and qaulity people.  An awesome combination! Butler Maps



ADVMoto is all about Dual Sport and Adventure Riding.  Period.  Their gear reviews, ride reports, and bike reviews are written by real people who really ride.  I look forward to receiving each issue!  Brilliant color photos, interesting people, and thoughtful articles.  You won’t find better coverage of the Baja 1000 and Mexican Rallies.  They cover the areas than many mainstream dirt bike magazines miss.  This ADV sweet spot is exactly what I enjoy!  Everyone at the ADVWoman Rally will receive a free copy of this awesome magazine.  And, we’re giving away several annual subscriptions to lucky winners.  ADVMoto Magazine



I’m not the only one who struggles to lift my 550 pound adventure bike!  At ADVWoman we strive to teach women to be cabable, self-reliant riders.  That means single handedly picking up a bike that has “taken a nap.”  Having my Dustriders Hoist strapped to my bike gives me peace of mind and confidence.  I ride challenging terrain.  Sometimes I fall.  With Dustriders, I know I can get my bike back up again.  And THAT, is a beautiful thing!  Dustrider Hoist