Mindful Motorcycling Journal

Cathy and Gary Hawk of Get Clarity, a business and life coaching and training firm designed a super charged journal tool which is being used by professions athletes in the NBA.  They have graciously given ADVWoman permission to share this powerful learning tool.  We use the journal to teach riders how to "ride their own [...]

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Cardiovascular Endurance Training

Jackie Wright, is a 30-year health and fitness professional who holds a B.S. in Health, Fitness and Recreation Resources from George Mason University, has taught, trained, managed and coached all over the globeShe has generously provided the following Cardiovascualar Endurance traning outline.  This is an eight week training program split into four cycles that last [...]

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Better Fitness Equals Better Rider!

In order to ride dirt bikes and dual sport motorcycles off road confidently and safely, riders need to have a high degree of fitness. Single track riding is highly dynamic meaning the rider is constantly standing, moving, shifting, balancing, pulling, pushing, weighting and unweighting the motorcycle. Dual Sport riding is less dynamic, but still requires [...]

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Man Up! Ride Like a Girl!

That’s right. I said, “Man Up!  Ride Like a Girl!”  Former pro motocross racer, Pat Jacques here with a few tips to make you a better rider!  Let me start by saying if you’re a guy reading this thinking, “NO WAY can riding like a girl make ME a BETTER RIDER!”  Then please, stop right [...]

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Line Choice is Critical to Off Road Riding!

One of the most important skills all riders must develop is “line choice.” For the sake of this conversation, I will define “line choice” as the path you choose to ride your motorcycle. When riding off road, line choice is critical!  Proper lines are the safest, most controlled means through a section of trail. I [...]

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Help! I’ve fallen and I can’t pick up my bike!

I’d like to share some interesting information about women athletes. You may or may not know that in 1972 Title IX became law as part of comprehensive educational reform.  Prior to Title IX, women had little or no athletic options, while male counterparts had various, well-funded, athletic choices.  Title IX more or less said, “You [...]

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Slow Turns

On a motorcycle, one of the most challenging skills to master is “slow turns.”  Beginner riders either put their feet down and “walk” through the turn, only make part of the turn and then have to back up the motorcycle and take a second shot, or sometimes fall over.  Slow turns require several essential skills.  [...]

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