ADVENTURE ESSENTIALS curriculum is designed for large, heavy street legal ADV bikes which are typically ridden on dirt roads and double track. We focus on balance, throttle and clutch control, counterbalanced turns, and slow maneuvering and skills as those present the biggest challenge on these heavy bikes.  ADV bikes are typically 650CC or bigger, though some smaller statured riders ride smaller displacement bikes.

Adventure bikes typically weigh more than 400LBS, have a fuel range greater than 200 miles, have sophisticated electronics, substantial luggage carrying capacity, and fairing with wind screens.  (Note: some smaller statured riders use smaller displacement bikes for adventure riding.)

DIRT BIKE ESSENTIALS curriculum is designed for small, lightweight, powerful dirt bikes typically ridden on single track trails. We also focus on balance, throttle, and clutch control.  The dirt bike class is more aggressive and faster.  We do a lot of brake sliding, turning around the inside leg, and being highly dynamic on the motorcycle.  We teach “racing starts” to learn about shifting, power, and because that’s how riders start in sand.  Some dirt bikes are street legal and others are not.

Dirt bikes typically weigh under 2350LBS, have a fuel range of around 100 miles, are “naked bikes” without fairings and fancy electronics, and have a high power to weight ratio.