Dirt Bike Essentials is all about foundational skills that are required for small, powerful dirt bikes on single track trails. It’s important to master these skills in order to ride safely, confidently, and in control.  This class is appropriate for new and experienced riders.  Starting new riders by teaching proper techniques gives you a “jump start” toward being skilled, confident, and safe.  These skills are directly transferable to riding bigger, heavier Adventure bikes.  It’s easier to practice and build confidence on smaller bikes.  Experienced riders benefit for several reasons.  Many experienced riders never learned proper fundaments and “fuddle” their way through.  They manage to get it done, but often ride “by the seat of their pants” and struggle in challenging sections.  In my expereince, the problems advanced level riders encounter on more difficult terrain are often directly related to improper fundmental skills.

Body postion and balance; throttle and clutch control, braking, and line choice are the essential skills we focus on.

ADVwoman “Dirt Bike Essentials” Curriculum

  • Proper Body position- standing and seated balanced positions, “strong” body frame, driving with legs, very dyanamic
  • Dirt bikes have lots of suspension and are tall.  Gotta deal with it.  We teach how to ride and stop with 1 foot on the ground only.
  • Throttle and clutch control and balance.  Clutch techniques- two finger covering and feathering are required for high level skills.
  • Dirt biking means sliding the back wheel a lot! Braking drills teach skills, reaction time, and balance.
  • Acceleration & Shifting Drills “Racer Starts” are TONS OF FUN, teach shifting, power, and how to start in sand
  • Cornering on a dirt bike is an art form! Turning around the inside foot, brake sliding, ruts, berms… so many ways to play!
  • Obstacles like ledges, rocks and logs require riders to master unweighting, acceleration, body shift, driving and softening legs.
  • Proper line choice is safer, conserves energy, and often faster.  Learn how to choose the best lines.